22nd JULY 2017




The attached poster and Invitation from the Chairman of the Rifles Association is addressed to the Five Pillars of the Regiment, the Association being an important element of those pillars.
This year, in our 10th Anniversary Year and on Salamanca Day 2017, the first of what will become an annual Rifleman's Gathering will take place at Allianz Park in London. Riflemen from the serving, forming and antecedent Regiments (and their families) are invited to this first Gathering that will take place in the evening of 22 July 2017. The Gathering will provide a fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends and has a package of activities to match the occasion. We need to get the message out to every Rifleman to muster in numbers that befit our excellent Regiment, forged through conflict over the last 10 year.

It would be a great opportunity for members and their families of The Rifles and RGBW Association to demonstrate their support for the Regiment.
The event is taking place at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, London NW4 1RL commencing at 16:00 hours and going on until 23:59 hours. The event is free in terms of entry, though we are asked to download and print off an e-ticket which one can do by following the hyperlink to the relevant web site: https://www.therifles.co.uk/event/the-rifleman-s-gathering
There are more details of the event that can be gleaned from The Rifles Website: www.therifles.co.uk

The Trustees of the Rifles Regimental Charity Trust, which now incorporates the Association are prepared to consider contributing towards the cost for coaches initiating travel from Somerset, Gloucester and Salisbury to Allianz Park should the counties be able to generate sufficient interest in attending. At this point in time I have left the Royal Berkshire side of the Regimental Family out of the arrangements purely because you have your own Association function taking place on the same evening, so I trust no offence is taken by those members.
It is appreciated that there will be association members who are not privy to using the Internet and we would therefore ask Branch Secretaries to publicise as much as possible through their monthly meetings.
Michael Cornwell
The Rifles and RGBW Regimental Association

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