Sep 15

Laying up the 43rd Wessex Assoc Standard

"Choral Evensong incorporating the Laying Up of the 43rd Wessex Association Standard in Exeter Cathedral on Saturday 10th October".

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Sep 15

GSM (1962) with clasp “Cyprus 1963-64”

Those “of a certain age” who served in Cyprus as members of the British Peace Force during the period 21 December 1963 to 26 March 1964, may be interested to know that Royal Assent has been given for the belated award of the GSM (1962) with clasp “Cyprus 1963-64.” For full details see this link to the Veterans-UK website:

Cyprus 1963-64

Following The Sir John Holmes Independent Medal Review the government has announced that a new clasp to the General Service Medal has been given approval. The Ministry of Defence Medal Office will assess applications for the clasp against the criteria below. Applicants for the clasp must have been:

a member of a unit deployed in Cyprus (whether previously a resident unit in a Sovereign Based Area (SBA) or a reinforcement unit)

on the island of Cyprus for a continuous period of 30 days or a cumulative period of 45 days between the dates of 21 December 1963 to 26 March 1964 inclusive

As the United Nations (UN) authorities rejected a claim to backdate the award of the United Nations Force In Cyprus (UNFICYP) Medal from 27 March 1964 to 21 December 1963, no period of service in Cyprus prior to 27 March 1964 may count towards the qualifying period for the UNFICYP Medal. Applications are being accepted and will be assessed and dealt with in a strict date order.

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