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1Background. The National Memorial Arboretum will host this commemorative event on Wed 14 Aug 19, beginning at 1400 hrs. The event is being led by RBL. Those holders of the General Service Medal (with the Northern Ireland clasp) are invited to attend. Bids for tickets must be submitted through Associations. The RBL will not accept individual bids. The Rifles Association has written to Regional Offices and Associations, kindly offering to submit individual and Association bids via The Rifleman’s Association. This means that all those eligible to attend and wishing to attend will have a sponsor Association.   


2Requirement. Those wishing to attend are asked to pass their names, regiment and battalion and year/s serving in Northern Ireland their Association Branch who will consolidate the Branch return and send to the RHQ Rifles. 

Those of you who are not members of an Association Branch and who would want to go you would need to contact your nearest branch, details of which are on the Association webs site:

3Assumption on Travel. The working assumption is that individuals will team up with fellow Branch members and make their own way/arrangements to/from the Arboretum. Should Branches feel there is a case for financial assistance they should, in the first instance consider this within Branches, before seeking advice from parent Associations.

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