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 In the event of one of the Regimental family members passing away we owe to the families and the membership to provide as much detail as we possible can.

With the demise of the Rifles offices at Gloucester and Salisbury The Association is not able to to access personal Army records as these are all held nationally. Consequently, we rely on information passed by friends, family and comrades at such a time. The information does not have to be highly accurate but so long as one can paint a picture of the individual and so remind people about the person who has died in a brief letter. That said many will have a vivid recollection of him, albeit like for some the detail will be lost over time. If you are able to pass on some or any of the following sort of detail, it will enable the Association to provide a more in depth announcement which is greatly appreciated by the family and the former comrades

Full name

Date of birth

Date of death

Very approximate dates of serving in the Army

Any notable activities…e.g. served in any specialist platoon, or represented the Regiment in any sport of military activity.

Locations where he served

Employment on leaving the Army and any notable points about civilian life or activities therein

Home contact details if the NOK is content for these to be passed on. If not content we tend to hold on to the address/contact details at this location and only pass them on to those that specifically ask.

Date, time and location of funeral. Are ‘members of the regiment’ welcome to attend? Might the family wish Association Standards to be present or would the family wish things to be kept low key. NB…it is what the family want that is important. Do they want a bugler (Last Post and Reveille) if one is available…and if needed might the family be prepared to pay for a bugler

Often families ask for donations to be made to a certain charity. If that is the case it is worth letting us know so people can make the necessary arrangement

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