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Dear all
Christopher Le Hardy is seeking support/information from those that served on Op AGILA. Christopher is a former Lt Col in the 13/18H & Light Dragoons who, in retirement, has supported the Armed Forces in all sorts of ways. His note below, in bold Italics, is self-explanatory. If you took part in Op AGILA please make contact with Christopher Le Hardy direct. His contact details are: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. || West Grange, Home Farm Lane, Rimpton, BA22 8AS || 01935 850212 || 07803 894992


I am writing in the hope you may be able to help me track down any surviving participants from your regiments that took part in Operation AGILA the Commonwealth Monitoring Force that took Zimbabwe into independence in 1979/80.

I am well into writing a book on the operation and have secured the interest of a publisher. This project fulfils a long held desire to place on record the critical part played by young officers and NCOs in the success of this unique operation. Outside military circles the complete story has never been told. I aim to correct that particular lacuna. My plan is to coincide publication with the 40th Anniversary December 2019/March 2020.

Whilst I have much memorabilia myself and have secured access to the National Archives, the RUSI and Kings College Liddell Hart Military Historical Archive I am hoping participants of all ranks may be able to supply personal anecdotes and their experiences in the field at Assembly Places, RV points, Border Crossing Points and from the Salisbury based air and logistic support units. I was deployed with my team from 13/18H and RHA to command AP ALPHA on the operation.

I would be most grateful if you could either provide me with a contact email address or pass my email to those members of your Regimental Associations that took part.

I have until June to collect this research and would be most grateful for your help please.

Yours Sincerely

Lt Col CA Le Hardy (late 13/18H & Light Dragoons)
West Grange Home Farm Lane Rimpton BA22 8AS
01935 850-212
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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