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Let me firstly introduce myself, if you don't already know who I am, my name is Andy Spalding (Ex WO2 RGJ), I am the property Manager for all Regt property throughout the Regt, but I'm also the Estate Manager for Green Jacket Close here in Winchester, which I want to talk about.

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Due to the further Covid- 19 Restrictions the Remembrance March pass for Veterans has been cancelled by the Royal British Legion.  There will be a shortened ceremony, the format of which is not yet certain, but indications are that the Royal Family will lay wreaths on behalf of the whole Nation and Commonwealth.


Request for Assistance

The cleansing of the Membership mailing list I have been trying to carry out is to attribute the Regiment members served with. We have on the Mailchimp mailing list some 1,600 members. When we exceed 1,800 members we will lose the free emailing service we currently are able to use. A way to circumvent the charges is to break the membership down into their regiments and despatch the News sheets by Regimental Blocks.

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From the Somerset Branch R&RGBW Association

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great sadness and reluctance that similar to the Back Badge event, we have to announce that the Annual (this year 70th Anniversary) Imjin Commemorative Lunch at Taunton RFC on Sunday 25th April 2021 is now cancelled.

This decision by the organising committee was not taken lightly but given the Government’s guidelines on public gatherings, the proposed vaccination programme and the fact that the majority of guests are those at risk/severely at risk, we felt that there was no other option open to us.

This notification will be sent later today to all webmasters, Facebook admins, other associations and key information addressees; to ensure an accurate, timely and co-ordinated announcement is made.

Whilst this is obviously disappointing news for all of us, it has made the committee even more determined to continue this outstanding event in the future when circumstances have improved and personal safety can be assured.

Yours aye

Martin Talling Secretary & Treasurer

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