The Rifles & RGBW Regimental Association

County Administrative Areas

At a meeting held earlier this year it was decided to change the RGBW Rifles Regimental Association constitution by splitting it into three to reflect the geographical territories from where the antecedent regiments were recruited: namely Gloucestershire and Bristol, Berkshire, and Wiltshire.

The overall aim of the County Offices will be to keep the name of The antecedent regiments alive in throughout the three counties and encourage those leaving the Rifles from the areas to join and be part of the wider family.

Gloucestershire County Committee

County Chairman - Lt Col DR Dixon OBE;

Secretary - Dartagnan Griffin

will co-ordinate the Back-Badge Reunion;


The Gloucester "Back Badge" Reunion


Berkshire County Committee

County Chairman – Lt Col RB Paddison MBE DL;

Secretary – Peter Richens

will co-ordinate the Maiwand Reunion

The Reading "Maiwand" Reunion


Wiltshire County Committee

County Chairman - Lt Col SJ Venus MBE;

Secretary - David Fielding

will co-ordinate the Salisbury Reunion.

The Salisbury Reunion



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