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Forthcoming BBC Programme on Belsen

Forthcoming BBC Programme on Belsen

involving the Father of

Major Clyde Aylin

Major Clde Aylin reports that he has recently been filmed by the BBC about a programme they are making to be shown next month (March). It is about the part his father, a young Royal Artillery officer, played in the liberation of Belsen in April 44 and the DP camp which he then created for thousands of destitute men women and children.He fed the hungry,gave shelter to the homeless and tended the sick and the dying.It may be of interest to those who served with me.

Clyde’s father was a talented artist and encouraged his flock to paint and draw as a part of their Rehabilitation and this appears to be an area of interest.These are a couple of caricatures while he was serving on South Coast Defence in 43. He edited the Battery magazine and did all the caricatures and cartoons with a mapping pen and ink! His war diaries, drawings and book were presented by Clyde to the Gunner museum (yet to be built) at Larkhill. Clyde opines that Like most of our Crown Jewels, Woolwich has been sold! Clyde recall that his father was an educated man ,who spoke two European languages fluently. After enlisting on the outbreak of war was the Battery clerk (he could read and write) in his Gunner Battery on Gib, before being sent back home by his Battery Commander to be commissioned at Llandudno. After coastal defence he was the first ALO at RAF Tangmere with Douglas Bader's mob. He flew bombing ops in Bostons and Mitchel aircraft. He was very critical of the accuracy of RAF bombing!. Come Nov 45, he was demobbed without a pension initially til Monty banged the table in the Lords for wartime officers like my Father. He was latterly rewarded for his work in 46,by being appointed head of Repatriation and Resettlement in the BMG of Germany. Clyde natuarlly is very proud of his achievements.

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Association County Representation on Management Board

Association County Representation on Management Board

For some time a gap needed to be filled within the governance structure of Association that would provide a conduit between the Branches and the Trustees/Management Board. I am glad to be able to inform the membership that we now have a full representative team.

Read more: Association County Representation on Management Board

Update on Imjin Lunch 2021

From the Somerset Branch R&RGBW Association

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great sadness and reluctance that similar to the Back Badge event, we have to announce that the Annual (this year 70th Anniversary) Imjin Commemorative Lunch at Taunton RFC on Sunday 25th April 2021 is now cancelled.

This decision by the organising committee was not taken lightly but given the Government’s guidelines on public gatherings, the proposed vaccination programme and the fact that the majority of guests are those at risk/severely at risk, we felt that there was no other option open to us.

This notification will be sent later today to all webmasters, Facebook admins, other associations and key information addressees; to ensure an accurate, timely and co-ordinated announcement is made.

Whilst this is obviously disappointing news for all of us, it has made the committee even more determined to continue this outstanding event in the future when circumstances have improved and personal safety can be assured.

Yours aye

Martin Talling Secretary & Treasurer

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