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Bournemouth Branch


 Bournemouth Branch meetings are held on the Last Monday of every other month. Jan - Mar - May - Jul - Sep 1930hrs  at the Poole Ex Servicemen's Club [RBL]

 North Road, Poole, Dorset, BH14 0LY

 Contact  Point and Secretary: Les Devine,

 Ground Floor Flat, 39 Windsor Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH5 1DT

 Telephone: 01202 397878


 President: Col. MR Vernon-Powell

 Chairman: Mr. Les Devine email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Vice Chairman: Dennis Croome

 Padre: Rev. Roger Balydon

 Treasurer: Mrs Diane Devine

 Standard Bearer: Mr Frank Stacey

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The AGM in January re-elected Les Devine as Chairman and the Treasurer but failed to find a Vice Chairman to replace Maurice Otway who has stood down.

The Branch has followed another energetic programme during the year with a full social calendar, an overseas trip and attendance at "Founders' Day" at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in June where the 8 members
caught up with In-Pensioner Doug Clark a Branch Associate Member.

The year started with the brilliant Newbury Branch Christmas dinner and followed through with a strong group attending the Somerset Branch "Imjin Lunch" and a full house of 60 members for our own Brandywine Buffet in Poole. The President, Colonel Mike Vemon-Powell, with Lieutenant Colonel Colin Tremellen, Major Tim Young and the three Branch members who travelled to Philadelphia to attend the Commemorations of the Battle in 1 111 after which the Buffet is named. The group delivered a fascinating presentation (a full account can be found on page ) on both the Battle and their visit to a rapt audience.

Another strong representative group attended the Salisbury Branch Dinner at the South Wilts Golf Club in November and the Christmas Dinner, fully booked in September, is eagerly awaited.

The Branch placed itself on parade regularly throughout the year. The turn-out was good for annual Re-dedication of Standards church service and parade was, again, supported by the excellent Meridian Corps Band while Branch participation in the Devizes, Salisbury and Reading Reunions with equally strong attendance. The new format at Devizes was welcomed - particularly the new look menu!

In between all this, a three day trip to Ypres was arranged and we were joined by Members from other Branches. Larchwood Cemetery was visited first to allow one Member the opportunity to lay a cross on his grandfather's grave. This was followed by attendance at the Menin Gate evening ceremony where wreaths to the Fallen of Forming RGBW Regiments and the RBL Poole Branch were laid. An extra day was programmed this year so that (all) the ladies could go shopping. In all it was a thoroughly enjoyable trip.

The 2015 trip to Normandy is well subscribed and a 32 seat coach will take the Branch to Normandy from 13'*' - 16* June. The Tour will be centred on Caen and visit many locations between Merville Battery (East) and Ste Mere Eglise (West) over the period.

Branch Thanks are given to those who have helped through the year and Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous 2015.
Les Devine

Bournemouth Branch Battlefields Tour May 2013

0700hrs on Sat 11th May 2013 saw the Bournemouth branch leave for a battle field tour and wreath laying at the Menin Gate in Ypres Belgium.

 The sea crossing presented no problems and after a drive through France we arrived at the hotel a few minutes’ drive time from Ypres. After settling in the coach driver (who seemed to know the area like the back of his hand) took us into town where we spread out and found our way to a row of cafes and restaurants and had dinner.

 Next day being Sunday we had a tour of a few of the cemeteries spending all day and visiting five or six, including Tyne Cot, which was a real eye opener, the largest Commonwealth cemetery in the world, finishing at the Langemark German Cemetery, so very different to British military cemeteries. In the evening we paraded at the Menin Gate for the Last Post Ceremony, after which we laid our wreaths.

 On the Monday we made our way home, after a very pleasant weekend, and here are a few pictures showing what we got up to.

 Mike Kemish.



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In Memoriam

Pte Peter Pickard GLOSTERS December 2017

WO 1 (Band Master) Nigel Borlase DERR 27 January 2018

Sgt (Gilly) Gilbert Cromwell GLOSTERS January 2018

Maj (Nobby) Arthur Clarke WILTS 01 February 2018

Cpl Brian FitzGerald DERR 02 February 2018

Sgt David White DERR

Pte (Bill) Gerald Lancaster WILTS February 2018

Maj A H Jones GLOSTERS March 2018

Lt Michael Barnes WILTS 22 March 2018

Capt James MacMillan DERR 26 March 2018

Bandsman Peter Owens GLOSTERS 1st Quarter 2018

Ronald Fowler GLOSTERS May 2018

Cpl (Jock) Gerry Mullen DERR 16 May 2018

LCpl Peter Simpson DERR May 2018

Michael Strong GLOSTERs 26 June 2018

Alan Baynham-Jones SOGM 22 May 2018

C/Sjt R C Cleverley WILTS

Sgt R Bryant WILTS

Thomas Bridgeman WILTS


Raymond Gibson R BERKS

C R Thompson WILTS

Trevor Thomas WILTS

Les Amer R BERKs 07.12.2015

C/Sgt C. R. Ashley WILTS Dec 2017

LCpl Neville Baker GLOSTERS 07.10.2017

Michael Baldwin GLOSTERS Jun 2017

Ernest Bank GLOSTERS 01.03.2016

William Bayliss R. BERKS 06.05.2016

Cpl Frank Bisp GLosters 20.10.2016

John Bradbury WILTS 09.02.2016

John Broker DERR 1st Quarter 2016

Andrew Cameron GLOSTERS 14.04.2016

Cpl Francis Carlile GLOSTERS 14.06.2017

Barry Carter DERR Jul 2017

Sgt Tom Cawley DERR 22.12.2016

D/Major Jean Choules DERR 27.11.2017

WO2 Roland Clarke DERR Jul 2017

F. W. Collins DERR Feb 2016

Cpl Michael Collins DERR 01.05.2017

Sgt James Connolly GLOSTERS 19.07.2016

Ronald Connolly GLOSTERS 18.08.2017

Royston Cox GLOSTERS 11.01.2016

Ian Abbot Davies GLOSTERS 21.10.2015

WO1 M. Dawes BEM GLOSTERS Nov 2016

Patrick Doyle GLOSTERS 07.02.2016

Anthony Eagle MBE GLOSTERS 29.02.2016

Colin Elllam GLOSTERS 03.01.2017

Stanley Fey GLOSTERS 18.01.2016

Cpl Terry Foote GLOSTERS 13.03.2017

Robert Ford GLOSTERS 1.09.2017

Walter Fox GLOSTERS 19.06.2016

Maj Sandy Fraser R. BERKS 13.11.2017
Fred Frost R. BERKS April 2016

S. B. Gibbard GLOSTERS 25.12.2016
P. A. Grady WILTS 21.12.2016

George Hamilton RGBW/RIFLES 19.09.2016

Sgt George Harold REME 27.07.2016

WO 1 J Harrington GLOSTERS 21.01.2016
Ronald Hawkins DERR 14.12.2016

Maj R Hicks MBE DERR 23.01.2017

Sgt Geoffrey Hobbs DERR 17.07.2017

Maj D. L Hudson GLOSTERS 25.06.2016

Barry Hughes GLOSTERS 07.10.2016

Robert James DERR 05.04.2016

Terrence James GLOSTERS April 2017

WO 1 Len Jones R. BERKS 10.10.2016

Derek Kelly GLOSTERS 12.03.2016

Sgt Stanley Kemp WILTS 27.12.2017

Col Philip King OBE DERR 22.01.2017

M. Lamble R. BERKS April 2016

Paul Langton GLOSTERS 29.12.2017

Terry Leonard R. BERKS 10.11.2017

Sidney Lewendon GLOSTERS 26.09.2016

Keith Lovegrove DERR 06.07.2016

Sgt Steve McPherson DERR 31.05.2017

Capt Eric Millard DERR November 2016

Jim Morris GLOSTERS 01.08.2017

Norman Morse GLOSTERS 4th Quarter 2016

Alfred Nash GLOSTERS 13.01.2016

Harold Nash GLOSTERS 28.05.2017

Sgt Hubert Neale GLOSTERS 05.03.2016

Maj Phillip Newman R. BERKS 08.11.2017

Clem O’Leary GLOSTERS 22.02.2017

Don Osborne GLOSTERS 23.03.2016

Nicholas O’Toole DERR 20.04.2016

Sgt Raymond Paine GLOSTERS 10.02.2

Cpl Peter Phelps GLOSTERS 12.05.2017

Maj Alan Pickford TD WILTS 31.10.2016

C/Sgt Tony Pinnell DERR February 2016

Colin Pockett R. BERKS June 2016

John Pound GLOSTERS 19.08.2016

Kevin Power DERR Sept 2017

Lee Sellens DERR February 2017

Reginald Simpkins GLOSTERS 13.11.2017

Vincent Spring GLOSTERS 06.08.2017

Albert Strange GLOSTERS 22.01.2017

WO2 Clive Summers GLOSTERS 02.10.2017

D. Sutton-Thompson GLOSTERS 24.03.2016

Eric Tideswell GLOSTERS 27.11.2017

Cpl H. L.A. Turk R. BERKS 07.01.2016

David Wadley R. BERKS 07.04.2016

Sgt George Webb GLOSTERS 17.03.20

Sgt Maurice Webb GLOSTERS 25.12.2015

Christopher Walker GLOSTERS 14.12.2017

Sgt Bernard Welch WILTS 06.07.2017

Maj Donald Welch WILTS 22.06.2017

WO2 Francis Welsh MBE GLOSTERS 29.09/2015

Cpl Will Westwood GLOSTERS May 2017

Ben Whitchurch GLOSTERS Jan 2016

Cpl Mervyn White GLOSTERS 26.08.2017

WO2 Chris Whiting DERR March 2017

Anthony Whittle GLOSTERS 09.01.2017

Alan Williams GLOSTERS 13.04.2016

Geoff Young WILTS 09.06.2017

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