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Update on 2020 Events

The following articles contain information oin the cancellation of the Imjin Lunch and the Devizes Reunion

Imjin Lunch Taunton

For those who do not necessarily visit the Glosters Website ( here is the recent announcement from the Somerset Branch concerning the Imjin Lunch:

From the Somerset Branch RGBW Association

Dear Colleagues, it is with great sadness and reluctance we must announce, that in a similar vein as Back Badge and Jellalabad, the Imjin Commemorative Lunch planned for the 17th May 2020 has fallen victim to the Corona Virus and is now cancelled.

This decision by the organising committee was not taken lightly but given the Government’s new guidelines on public gatherings, the particular care that needs to be taken to protect the vulnerable and the likely pace and duration of the disease, we felt that there was no other option open to us.
During the next two weeks, the branch Secretary will be organising refunds for all those who have payed and consolidate this year’s costs.
This notification will be sent later today to all webmasters, Facebook admins, other associations and key information addressees; to ensure an accurate, timely and co-ordinated announcement is made.

Whilst this is obviously disappointing news for all of us, it has made the committee even more determined for next year which celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Imjin.  We intend to commemorate this anniversary with an outstanding event and initial details will be published shortly to ensure everyone can clear their diaries.

Yours aye

Martin Talling Secretary & Treasurer
Once again thanks to Martin and his committee for their work in organising the event and making the arrangements to refund everyone.

Devizes Reunion
From the Wiltshire County Chairman RGBW Association.
I regret to announce that in light of the Governments recommendations, particularly concerning the Over 70’s and Vulnerable, it has been decided to cancel the Devizes Reunion.  This decision has been based on the fact that the majority of the attendees are former Wiltshire Regiment members and therefore will be into their 80’s and 90’s.
The Wiltshire County Secretary of the Association will be returning everyone’s cheques to them as the have not at this point in time been banked.
Those thinking ahead to 2021 please make a note in your diaries that The Devizes Reunion will take place on Sunday 6 June 2021.
John Venus
Wiltshire County Chairman

Once again thanks go to the Wiltshire County committee for their proactive action.

Just a thought for those who may be finding the situation of self isolation too insular.  If you have a close group of friend have you though of inviting them to use Whats App to create a small chat group, it is more secure and more private that Facebook. 

Most importantly support each other where you can, keep safe so we come through all of this. 
Remember Alexandria, Tofrek and Ferozeshah

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