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Welfare Cases

As a Glosters, DERR, R Berks, Wilts, RGBW or Rifles veteran, welfare cases, once initiated, will be handled by Rifles HQ in Winchester.  However to initiate a welfare case it must be case worked either by SSAFA or Royal British Legion. They will then put your case to the Association for consideration. Regrettably this will not be a quick fix.

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Our Re-Organisation

Dear Members

It is inevitable that attempts to keep members abreast of the changes within the running of the Rifles and RGBW Association will not have reached everyone.
The migration of contact details of our membership from the Rifles Database to our newly appointed volunteer Association Secretary post has not been as successful as one would have wished.

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Our Standards

Like the infantry regimnets that our members belong to our association has it's own standards. In the British army these are known as "The Colours" and were seen as the regimental rally point in battle. Within Regimental Associations these standards are used to identify the association when on parade. Each of our branches has it's own unique standard, some branches have more than one. You will also find these standards on parade at funerals of our veterans.

Types of standards

Because our association is made up of several different regiments you may well see more than one standard on parade for a branch. Listed below are some of the standards for the Rifles & RGBW Regimental Association that you may see

 The Rifles



The Rifles & RGBW Association ( the name of the branch would be above the badge)


County Administrative Areas

At a meeting held earlier this year it was decided to change the RGBW Rifles Regimental Association constitution by splitting it into three to reflect the geographical territories from where the antecedent regiments were recruited: namely Gloucestershire and Bristol, Berkshire, and Wiltshire.

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Our Branches

We have branches throughout the three counties recruiting area with a couple outside the area

Each branch of the Association has it’s own page on this website. The purpose of this is to give each branch a web presence.

To give branches the facility to publish details, news and photographs from the branch

If you think that you have anything from your branch that you would like to see on the branch page then please email the webmaster

Click on the marker for more details of that branch

 If you are on the committee or a member of one of our branches and have an item of news about your branch or indeed anything that you may think our members would be interested in and would like to see it published on the site then please use this form to upload it to the webmaster the click here

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 Branch Updates

If you are a Branch Officer and you want to update your branch details please follow the link below

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