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I am only too well aware of the paucity of the tributes that I am able to print for the members who have passed away. Part of the problem is the loss of our two excellent Regimental Offices in Customs House and The Wardrobe and the collective knowledge that was held by those who worked there. Ian Spence, in his time as the Regimental Secretary, did institute an process whereby members were encourage to write their own Valediction, so that somewhere there was a baseline to write something pertinent on a member's passing. Sadly those details seemed to have been lost.


Whilst most of us seem to have a reluctance to commit our military careers,may I suggest that now we have time on our hands, this might be a opportune moment to put pen to paper.

Chairman's Note: There is no three line whip to enforce the completion of this Valediction, either in full or in part. It is a decision made by each and individual member. However there are times when as an association we have to provide the Bugle with obituaries for notable Regiment person, of any rank, and having lost the services of the Offices at Custom's House and The Wardrobe we need to restore our database to provide those obituaries

Please follow this link to complete the form Valediction form


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