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Reported Deaths 2019

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During 2019 we have been informed of the following members passing. Our condolences go out to their families



Lt Col VH Ridley MBE QGM Died 2 February2019 Served in The Wiltshire Regiment


23695858 Graham 'Jigger' Jones Died 27th November 2018
Served 1 Glosters 1960's
23471961 Pte. William J Gosney, Somerset Branch Died 3rd December 2018
Served 1 Glosters 1956-59
22494937 Cpl Denis Bowman Died 15th December 2018
Served 1 Glosters 1951-53 Former Standard Bearer Somerset Branch.

23638126 David Boaden Died 31 December 2018
Somerset Branch. Served 1 Glosters 1959 - 1961. Member of the successful Battalion motorcycle trials team. Also RMP (TA) S.Sgt CQMS for 13 Years


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