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Representations at Events in East Anglia

The Chairman would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank two members of the Association who took time to represent their respective Regiments on behalf of the Association at events away from our home base.


Firstly thanks go to Richard Green, ex Glosters, who attended the funeral of John Frederick Turner, a former Sergeant in 1 Glosters, at the Colchester Crematorium on 13 November. There had been a specific request from John Turner's family for Regimental representation and fortunately Jenny and Scot McBryde knowing that Richard lived in the area asked if he could attend. A great example to the Association working together to meet a family's request.

The second occasion in East Anglia was a fortnight earlier, where in the village of Lidgate, Suffolk; the Village was adding three names to their War memorial. Of the those names being added one, was a Rifle Brigade Officer and the other was a Royal Berkshire Regiment Soldier. Through the good offices of Colonel Mike Vernon-Powell contact was made with Tony Skidmore, who lived about an hour's drive away and was more than happy to represent the Regiment. Below is a short account from Tony Skidmore of the occasion together with a few photographs in a collage.

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