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Slashers Golf Events for 2020

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Slashers Golf Events for 2020

27th. March. Ombersley GC.

24th. April. . Cotswold Hills GC

7th May. ABF. Bristol & Clifton GC

15th May. Brickhampton GC

Royal Marines match 29th May . Cirencester GC

17th. June Dainton Park GC. Devon ABF.

26th June Thornbury GC.

10th July. Brickhampton GC

7th Aug. Brickhampton GC. Slashers Annual golf meet

14th - 21st Sep. Golf Tour - Spain El Rompido

25th Sept. Puckrup hall GC

12thOct. South Winchester GC.

Rifles meet 30th Oct Forest hills GC .

Roy Evans
Slashers golf society
Backbadge golf society

For More Details Contact Roy Evans Tel: 07850 988501 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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