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Update Cenotaph 2020

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Update Cenotaph 2020

For those of you who have registered an interest in participating in the 2020 Cenotaph Parade I have received the following information to a question I put before the RBL team regarding the security screening process.


"Thank you for getting in touch with the Commemorative Events Team regarding The National Service of Remembrance at The Cenotaph.

Please note that it is not yet necessary to upload details of your prospective attendees. We will communicate full plans for this year’s Cenotaph in early Autumn.

Thank you for your continued patience and support during these unprecedented times.

Best wishes,

Commemorative Events Team

To re-affirm I have the following names that wish to attend

Ockwell Ian
Ockwell Christine
McBryde Scott
Whitcher Paul
Quarterman Stuart
Jones Trevor
Legg Peter
Edmonds Jo
McDonnell John
Davidson-Houston Patrick
Bowkett Steven
Merry Les
Taylor Michael
Watts Dennis
Hart Peter
Hart Mrs
Tozer Jeremy
Godden Tim
Morris Stuart
Stilwell Simon
Rylands John
Winchester Alan
Dunn Peter
Keenan Neil
Turk Reginald
Uzzell Roy
Griffin Dartagnan

That is a total of 27. We asked for up to 50 slots so there are plenty of vacancies if anyone wishes to be added.

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