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Update on Proposed Pandemic Memorial Service

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Update on Proposed Pandemic Memorial Service

Earlier in 2021, realising there were many Association members who had passed away who we were unable to say our Regimental Farewells to, it was suggested we hold a Memorial Service at the Wardrobe to remember those who had passed away since 23 March 2020.

We were looking to try and hold the event on 19 September by utilising the provision of a marquee for a corporate event to be held at Wardrobe a few days earlier. Unfortunately that has not been feasible and escalating cost have meant that we have had to put the plans on ice for the time being.

I appreciate that there is a consensus that members would like to hold a short service to collectively remembers their Comrades who have passed on during the pandemic. To that end it is intended to try and arrange something in 2022.

I envisage this being a topic that will be covered during the Annual AGM.

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