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DERR@60 Application Form and Chalet Booking

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 Reserve and Purchase Accommodation

The Diamond Reunion - A celebration weekend marking the 60th Anniversary of the formation of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment 7 - 10 June 2019

Secure you and your partner’s place by:

Paying a £50 deposit per person now or at the latest before 30 June 2018.  
Pay the whole cost for your accommodation now.
Set up a payment plan, sharing the total cost, less your deposit, over 12/13 months so that you have paid it all by latest 31 March 2019.  See example on payment page.
Cheques should be made payable to: FARMERSBOYS CLUB 5994

Tickets.  There are three tiers for ticket sales:

Tier 1.  All Association members and those who served in 1 DERR plus their partners will be eligible to purchase Tier 1 tickets. Tier 1 tickets are available for purchase now.

Tier 2.   Close family of those eligible to purchase Tier 1 tickets will be eligible to purchase Tier 2 tickets. The Organising Committee will decide when Tier 2 tickets will be available to be purchased at its 5 Apr 18 Committee Meeting based on Tier 1 ticket sales at that time.

Tier 3.  The Organising Committee may decide to offer Tier 3 tickets to guests of those eligible to purchase Tier 1 tickets nearer the actual date of the DERR@60 weekend.  This will depend on availability and ticket sales already made.

Queries.  If you have any queries, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send a letter to the address below.  The Committee will also answer queries on social media for those using Facebook.

Capt(Retd) S P North
Brandywine House
Walton Road
PE14 7AF

I would like to attend the DERR@60 Anniversary and book a chalet (Click Here for online booking): 

 pdf.jpgDownload & Print Offline Application

Message from: Farren Drury MBE The Chairman of the Organising Committee.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)


The Diamond Reunion - A celebration weekend marking the 60th Anniversary of the formation of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment 7 - 10 June 2019


The 60th Anniversary of the formation of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment (Berkshire and Wiltshire), which was one of the finest Infantry Regiments in the British Army, is a significant event and it deserves to be recognised.
The Regimental family remains strong and networks are healthy and still more can be done to connect those who have served in or with 1DERR. As we all get older, that becomes increasingly important.
Our Diamond Reunion, known for short as DERR@60, is almost certainly the last of its kind. It is an all ranks event and presents a brilliant opportunity to bring us all together to celebrate all that was great in 1 DERR, to reminisce, to party and to rekindle old friendships. Why wouldn’t we?

When and Where?

The attached Flyer gives you what you need to know about where and when the DERR@60 celebration is. Please take time to have a look at the venue website. It is on Hayling Island, near Portsmouth in Hampshire.
It is connected to the mainland and is very easy to get to. Warner Holidays looked after the Regiment superbly on the Isle of Wight for the 50th Anniversary and Hayling Island is an even better venue in a more accessible location. We have negotiated; they understand us and our needs and they know this weekend will be a highlight for them too. The superb package on offer recognises that and is tremendous value for money:


The outline of what the weekend will include is in the attached Flyer. It will be a weekend to savour and long remember. You will be transported back in time to feel ‘home’ again in 1DERR. The venue provides a range of activities and its location offers opportunities for trips to local sites if you want to explore:

• Going West - Old Portsmouth and the Historic Dockyard with its numerous attractions, like Action Stations; Southsea; Gun Wharf Quay – superb outlet shops, restaurants and the Spinnaker Tower.
• Going East – Chichester, Emsworth and historic Bosham as well as the beautiful beaches on The Witterings and the rugged terrain of the South Downs.
• Hayling Island itself is worth exploring, with a golf course, a fairground and great beaches and bars. It’s a short ferry across from Hayling Island to Southsea makes Portsmouth accessible. Maybe bring a bike?
• A special trip to Southwick Park (about 30 minutes away), which was the home of our affiliated RN ship, HMS Dryad is planned. It is now the Defence School of Policing and Guarding, so we will have to behave! It is also the home of the Map Room, where General Eisenhower and his staff launched the D Day landings and where he made the momentous decision to ‘go’. Our weekend is also of course the 75th Anniversary of D Day so we have been privileged to secure slots to visit the Map Room (with the Map as it was in 1944) and hear the stories of that time from resident historians. This will only take a couple of hours out of your day and it will be important to get your name down early to book a place. We will send more details on timings and give you the chance to book your place in later communications.

If you want to stay on site, there are numerous activities, from Bowling to Archery, from Snooker to Table Football, from Pitch and Putt to a gym, swimming pool and dance studio. These are all opportunities to have some fun with old mates. When you want to sit and chat, there are café’s and coffee and cake areas as well as bars, indoors and outdoors. The main restaurant and Cabaret area will seat 440 so imagine what that will be like when we fill it for our meals and to enjoy the entertainment Warner provides each evening and the Regimental entertainment we lay on. Tempted well here’s how you secure your place:

How? Booking your place ….

You can book online, by email or by post. The different ways of booking are explained in the supporting letter and Application Form accessible from the Flyer or Regimental Association Website. Book early:
• Pay your deposit or the whole price for your chalet upfront.
• Pay your deposit and set up a payment plan to stage your payments through the year.
• If you just pay your deposit, you have a place, but know that you must pay the outstanding cost by 31 March 2019.
You will get confirmation that your booking has been received and you can relax – you have your place. You can then monitor the Regimental Association Website to see the chalet bookings going up and who is coming. You can request to sit with mates at mealtimes and ask for your chalet to be near others and we will do our best to make that happen – though no guarantees.

A Call to Action

Now is the time to take action. The DERR@60 Diamond Reunion Weekend will be very special and you being a part of it will help make it so. It will unite and reunite. It will be a weekend of laughs and tears. It will long live in our memories and be a source of infinite stories for years to come.

So – click here fill out the application form and have your booking confirmed

pdf.jpgDownload introduction letter

Open 60th Diamond Jubilee2

pdf.jpgDownload the flyer

We have had a number of enquiries requesting tickets to attend specific parts of the weekend, like Sunday only. Please note that in order for us to secure sole use of the superb Warner Lakeside Holiday Village and be covered by their liability insurance we can only sell the complete weekend package. If we didn’t sell every chalet we would have greater flexibility, but given the fantastic response so far, it is clear we will sell-out. Thank you for your understanding and if you would still like to be part of this very special reunion, please book your place as soon as possible.


In Memoriam

Pte Peter Pickard GLOSTERS December 2017

WO 1 (Band Master) Nigel Borlase DERR 27 January 2018

Sgt (Gilly) Gilbert Cromwell GLOSTERS January 2018

Maj (Nobby) Arthur Clarke WILTS 01 February 2018

Cpl Brian FitzGerald DERR 02 February 2018

Sgt David White DERR

Pte (Bill) Gerald Lancaster WILTS February 2018

Maj A H Jones GLOSTERS March 2018

Lt Michael Barnes WILTS 22 March 2018

Capt James MacMillan DERR 26 March 2018

Bandsman Peter Owens GLOSTERS 1st Quarter 2018

Ronald Fowler GLOSTERS May 2018

Cpl (Jock) Gerry Mullen DERR 16 May 2018

LCpl Peter Simpson DERR May 2018

Michael Strong GLOSTERs 26 June 2018

Alan Baynham-Jones SOGM 22 May 2018

C/Sjt R C Cleverley WILTS

Sgt R Bryant WILTS

Thomas Bridgeman WILTS


Raymond Gibson R BERKS

C R Thompson WILTS

Trevor Thomas WILTS

Les Amer R BERKs 07.12.2015

C/Sgt C. R. Ashley WILTS Dec 2017

LCpl Neville Baker GLOSTERS 07.10.2017

Michael Baldwin GLOSTERS Jun 2017

Ernest Bank GLOSTERS 01.03.2016

William Bayliss R. BERKS 06.05.2016

Cpl Frank Bisp GLosters 20.10.2016

John Bradbury WILTS 09.02.2016

John Broker DERR 1st Quarter 2016

Andrew Cameron GLOSTERS 14.04.2016

Cpl Francis Carlile GLOSTERS 14.06.2017

Barry Carter DERR Jul 2017

Sgt Tom Cawley DERR 22.12.2016

D/Major Jean Choules DERR 27.11.2017

WO2 Roland Clarke DERR Jul 2017

F. W. Collins DERR Feb 2016

Cpl Michael Collins DERR 01.05.2017

Sgt James Connolly GLOSTERS 19.07.2016

Ronald Connolly GLOSTERS 18.08.2017

Royston Cox GLOSTERS 11.01.2016

Ian Abbot Davies GLOSTERS 21.10.2015

WO1 M. Dawes BEM GLOSTERS Nov 2016

Patrick Doyle GLOSTERS 07.02.2016

Anthony Eagle MBE GLOSTERS 29.02.2016

Colin Elllam GLOSTERS 03.01.2017

Stanley Fey GLOSTERS 18.01.2016

Cpl Terry Foote GLOSTERS 13.03.2017

Robert Ford GLOSTERS 1.09.2017

Walter Fox GLOSTERS 19.06.2016

Maj Sandy Fraser R. BERKS 13.11.2017
Fred Frost R. BERKS April 2016

S. B. Gibbard GLOSTERS 25.12.2016
P. A. Grady WILTS 21.12.2016

George Hamilton RGBW/RIFLES 19.09.2016

Sgt George Harold REME 27.07.2016

WO 1 J Harrington GLOSTERS 21.01.2016
Ronald Hawkins DERR 14.12.2016

Maj R Hicks MBE DERR 23.01.2017

Sgt Geoffrey Hobbs DERR 17.07.2017

Maj D. L Hudson GLOSTERS 25.06.2016

Barry Hughes GLOSTERS 07.10.2016

Robert James DERR 05.04.2016

Terrence James GLOSTERS April 2017

WO 1 Len Jones R. BERKS 10.10.2016

Derek Kelly GLOSTERS 12.03.2016

Sgt Stanley Kemp WILTS 27.12.2017

Col Philip King OBE DERR 22.01.2017

M. Lamble R. BERKS April 2016

Paul Langton GLOSTERS 29.12.2017

Terry Leonard R. BERKS 10.11.2017

Sidney Lewendon GLOSTERS 26.09.2016

Keith Lovegrove DERR 06.07.2016

Sgt Steve McPherson DERR 31.05.2017

Capt Eric Millard DERR November 2016

Jim Morris GLOSTERS 01.08.2017

Norman Morse GLOSTERS 4th Quarter 2016

Alfred Nash GLOSTERS 13.01.2016

Harold Nash GLOSTERS 28.05.2017

Sgt Hubert Neale GLOSTERS 05.03.2016

Maj Phillip Newman R. BERKS 08.11.2017

Clem O’Leary GLOSTERS 22.02.2017

Don Osborne GLOSTERS 23.03.2016

Nicholas O’Toole DERR 20.04.2016

Sgt Raymond Paine GLOSTERS 10.02.2

Cpl Peter Phelps GLOSTERS 12.05.2017

Maj Alan Pickford TD WILTS 31.10.2016

C/Sgt Tony Pinnell DERR February 2016

Colin Pockett R. BERKS June 2016

John Pound GLOSTERS 19.08.2016

Kevin Power DERR Sept 2017

Lee Sellens DERR February 2017

Reginald Simpkins GLOSTERS 13.11.2017

Vincent Spring GLOSTERS 06.08.2017

Albert Strange GLOSTERS 22.01.2017

WO2 Clive Summers GLOSTERS 02.10.2017

D. Sutton-Thompson GLOSTERS 24.03.2016

Eric Tideswell GLOSTERS 27.11.2017

Cpl H. L.A. Turk R. BERKS 07.01.2016

David Wadley R. BERKS 07.04.2016

Sgt George Webb GLOSTERS 17.03.20

Sgt Maurice Webb GLOSTERS 25.12.2015

Christopher Walker GLOSTERS 14.12.2017

Sgt Bernard Welch WILTS 06.07.2017

Maj Donald Welch WILTS 22.06.2017

WO2 Francis Welsh MBE GLOSTERS 29.09/2015

Cpl Will Westwood GLOSTERS May 2017

Ben Whitchurch GLOSTERS Jan 2016

Cpl Mervyn White GLOSTERS 26.08.2017

WO2 Chris Whiting DERR March 2017

Anthony Whittle GLOSTERS 09.01.2017

Alan Williams GLOSTERS 13.04.2016

Geoff Young WILTS 09.06.2017

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