The Rifles & RGBW Regimental Association


 Our members are veterans who have served with the following regiments of the British Army

 01    03          Royal Berks   The Wilts   wessex 



If your cap badge appears above then you are most likely to already be a life member. You may have joined whilst serving or you became eligible via the days pay scheme.

Full membership is open to all ranks including adult instructors of the A.C.F and C.C.F. units.  

We also welcome as Associates those Servicemen and Women who have served as attached personnel.

Finally we have a category for Branch Associates. This is for friends of the Regiment, interested persons from other corps, regiments or services and the public.

Our Aims

To maintain contact between past and present members of our Regiment and its predecessors by meeting socially, organising events, reunions, visits etc.

To offer comradeship and welfare.  

To assist past and present members

Our Branches

We have branches throughout the three counties recruiting area with a couple outside the area

 Each branch of the Association has it’s own page on this website. The purpose of this is to;

Give each branch a web presence.

To give branches the facility to publish details, news and photographs from the branch

If you think that you have anything from your branch that you would like to see on the branch page then please email the webmaster

Click on the marker for more details of that branch

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The Members Portal

The members portal is only open to membersof the association. To gain entry members will have to register, using the form below and once authorised by a member of the admin team you will be able to enter the portal and access the area which are not open to the public. Read more..........

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