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News From Japan

To illustrate how Mailchimp is spreading the word of the Association to its world-wide members here is one example. We have received news from Matthew Gavin who now lives in Nagano, Japan. He served with A Company Rifle Volunteers and served with 1 RGBW on Op Telic 4 in 2004.


Matthew writes:

" On the 16th of May I gave a lecture about 1 RGBW's deployment to Iraq to a Japanese audience. From attending the Army Reserve Centre at Eastern Avenue, training and patrolling the Iraqi city of Basra. I went into detail about peace keeping in the Middle East.

There were plenty of comparisons to make, as this conflict also saw Japan's first deployment since the Second World War.

The purpose of my talk was to try to bring to life the shared experiences of the two nations - during a struggle that was a defining moment of the early 21st century. I think many civilians and soldiers can draw a comparison and reflect heavily of the Iraq conflict."

Matthew went on to explain the rationale behind selecting 16th May for his lecture was because it was the 16th anniversary of his commendation for bravery in rescuing an Iraqi policeman wounded by small arms fire.

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