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Association County Representation on Management Board

Association County Representation on Management Board

For some time a gap needed to be filled within the governance structure of Association that would provide a conduit between the Branches and the Trustees/Management Board. I am glad to be able to inform the membership that we now have a full representative team.


Captain (Retired) Len Keeling has agreed to join the Management Board and will act as the spokesman for the branches of the County of Gloucestershire. You only have to see the regimental response to his organisational skills in commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 at the Cheltenham Racecourse, and the same skill set and response in the planning for Imjin 70th to realise that Gloucestershire will be well represented at the Management Board.


Martin Keeling, who has been an active member of the Committee of the Somerset branch for a number of years, more recently has assumed the role Branch Secretary and has had his commitment recognised with the President’s Certificate of Appreciation has agreed to undertake to represent the membership in Bristol and Somerset.

With Len and Martin on the Management Board those of our members of the 28th/61st persuasion should feel confident that they have good regimental representation.



Moving slightly south east, Wiltshire have been represented by Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) John Venus MBE from the outset. After a full career in the DERR John Venus continued by being the Assistant Regimental Secretary RGBW at the Salisbury Office. In addition for many years he was an active member of the Salisbury branch Committee before becoming it Chairman. John’s provides a wealth of experience which is to the Association’s benefit.


Finally moving on to Berkshire, Steven Bowkett, who is also the Association Secretary has agreed to be the Royal County of Berkshire’s representative on the Management Board. Having served in DERR, RGBW and the Rifles, Steven is well placed to understand the sensitivity of regimental changes.

Again with John's and Steven's presence on the Management Board the Farmers Boys should feel confident of their views being represented.

I should emphasis that in filling these four county position, it is not in any way preventing individual members, or branch committee members, approaching the Chairman of the Association directly with any concerns they may have on the governance of the Association. The main objective is to ensure a thorough means of communications throughout the association. In scalyback terms, providing an all informed net.


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